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Europe Holiday Packages - Still in search of cheap Europe Packages from India with airfare and without airfare? If yes then you are at right place. OHO Holidays is the fastest growing travel venture based at Chandigarh where you can get customized Europe holiday packages & best discount deals. As we all known Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia which is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south

Types of Europe Holiday Tour Packages You Can Book at OHO Holidays Chandigarh

As we all know that Europe is one of the most famous continent of world and people from different countries and cities loves to visit this awesome place. So for them we bring best Europe holiday packages with most customization options.

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Rome : Roma is a can't-miss spot on your European tour. The aroma of fresh Italian cooking wafts through alleys and historic sites sit at every turn. The Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the awe-inspiring Trevi Fountain are essential attractions for any traveler.

Paris : Paris is filled with iconic museums (like the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay), monuments (like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe) and churches (like the Sacré-Cœur and Notre Dame). Still, save some time for drawn-out meals and relaxing at sidewalk cafes.

Barcelona : Barcelona's diverse collection of architecture really makes the city stand out. Gaudi's Parc Güell and La Sagrada Família are impressive, as are La Seu and Montjuïc Castle. When you tire of architecture, relax on the beach or sip sangria along Las Ramblas.

Amsterdam : There's more to this city than its notorious coffee shop culture and the Red Light District. Bike rides along the city's canals are popular with locals and visitors alike, and stylish streets and noteworthy museums (think the Van Gogh museum) keep travelers coming back.

Prague : There's more to this city than its notorious coffee shop culture and the Red Light District. Bike rides along the city's canals are popular with locals and visitors alike, and stylish streets and noteworthy museums (think the Van Gogh museum) keep travelers coming back.

By Air: Europe having more than 100 busiest airports to connect with other countries. With demand for air travel in Europe growing at an impressive rate, the need for world-class airports is at an all-time high.

  • Palacinky in Czech Republic
  • Goulash in Hungary
  • Crème Catalan in Catalonia, Spain

Perfumes : In Florence, art and religion have been closely tied for centuries. But it’s not just paintings and sculptures inside churches – the art of perfumery has been cultivated at the church of Santa Maria Novella (inside its pharmacy) since the 13th century. The pharmacy that was begun by monks way back then has evolved into one of the world’s premier perfumeries – and they also make lots of other products, from soaps to mouthwash to the traditional medicines that were their bread and butter in the Renaissance. Catherine de Medici was a customer and now you can be, too. Their “Melograno” (pomegranate) scent is perennially popular.

Leather : Whether you’re looking for a purse, wallet, jacket or gloves, Florence is the place to buy leather in Italy. Different levels of quality are available to suit all budgets, and prices tend to correspond to where you’re shopping; at a street market vendor, quality will be lower than at the elite Scuola del Cuoio (School of Leather), which is located within the Santa Croce monastery grounds. Ceramics : Tuscan ceramics add grace and character to any table; anyone who loves to cook and entertain should own a piece (or many!). Platters, pitchers, cruets and cachepots – you can find just about anything to decorate your kitchen and dining room at boutiques and workshops throughout the city and the surrounding countryside. Sbigoli Terrecotte is a classic, family-owned boutique and workshop that shouldn't be missed.

Mirabelle : Mirabelle restaurant in Rome is a Michelin-starred, gloriously lavish, exceeds-all-expectations superstar. The mirrored seventh-floor dining room with its sumptuous pale gold and elegant crystal and china frames a magical rooftop view of the Eternal City. Chef Stefano Marzetti uses superbly-sourced ingredients for haute cuisine dishes like artfully-presented seabass tartare with fennel salad and orange, oven-baked rack of lamb pre-sale with rosemary.
Price range: 7323 – 10933 INR
Address: Via di Porta Pinciana 14 | Hotel Splendide Royal, 00187 Rome, Italy
Open from: 12:30 – 23:00

La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge : Overlooking the gardens of the Villa Borghese, the beautiful park of the Villa Medici, with the backdrop of the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge offers a breathtaking view of the 'Eternal City'. Ideal atmosphere for a moment of pure relaxation, it becomes the perfect place for an aperitif, an event, a business lunch, a candlelight dinner. Ingredients selected from the nearby Roman countryside, love of Italian and French traditions and constant innovation are the characteristics that distinguish the cuisine of the Executive Chef Giuseppe D'Alessio.
Price range: 4560 – 9554 INR
Address: Via Lombardia 47 Settimo del Hotel Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, 00187 Rome, Italy

Casina Valadier : Casina Valadier is the jewel of Pincio, located in the heart of Villa Borghese seems to dominate in all its beauty, the Eternal City. Our restaurant offers "the most beautiful point of view of Rome" as well as supply food and wine. In this magical and elegant atmosphere you can sample the delights from the chef Massimo D'innocenti awarded two Gambero Rosso forks, drinking wine and admire the breathtaking panorama that made famous this location as one of the most romantic, beautiful and charming of the world. Our location has 4 floors, 3 terraces and a garden for corporate events, weddings, gala dinners.
Price range: 5532 – 8479 INR
Address: Piazza Bucarest, 00187 Rome, Italy
Open from: 12:30 – 23:00

Alfredo alla Scrofa : In the heart of Rome the Restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa welcomes you in its rooms, rich in history and tradition, among softly music able to evoke images of long times ago.In a warm atmosphere and deep suggestions, with the charme of our Restaurant, the guest lives a trip back in the time to discover the true taste of Italy, with certainty to rediscover and taste the old tradition, result of continuous research on cooking and of a passionate investigation about wine culture.A study in which we are dedicated to always, and that is the daily bread every day, every night, for over a century
Price range: 1492 – 4408 INR
Address: Via della Scrofa 104 | vicino Piazza Navona, 00186 Rome, Italy
Open from: 12:30 – 23:00


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