Top Things to do in Lovina Beach

Top Things to do in Lovina Beach – Lovina is a peaceful coastel town in North Bali which is located to the west of Singaraja. Lovina beach is one of the very famous beaches in Bali. There are so many things that you can enjoy doing in Lovina and eventually you will create a tons of memories. Here we will tell you about the top things to do in Lovina Beach.

Top things to do in Lovina beach

Lovina has the perfect weather and your trip would be considered incomplete if you will not visit this awesome place. It can be both enjoyed with family and friends. Also it is a nice honeymoon destination with lot of views and things to do.

About Lovina Beach

Lovina beach is a coastel area located on the northwest sides of Bali, Indonesia. This area contains small villages, beautiful beaches, waterfalls which manages to attract thousands of tourists. Earlier Lovina beach was not famous but now it has become the favorite tourist spot around the world.

Tourism of Lovina beach has increased a lot in the past few years because of the top class services and scenic and peaceful views. If you want the perfect relaxation then Lovina beach is the place for you. Go ahead and book your tickets to this beautiful place now.

Top things to do in Lovina beach

If laziness is not your thing then you can get yourself involved in several other exciting activities that Lovina has in store for you. Below mentioned is the list of the top things that you can do in Lovina beach.

  • Lovina is hugely famous for its dolphin sighting trips that leave the tourists stunned. There are number of dolphins that will surely make your day with their dancing and other stunts that they are trained to perform.
  • You can also enjoy sports activities such as diving, snorkeling, canyoning trips. There are many tours arranged for the people so that they can enjoy to the fullest.
  • You can swim in the gitgit waterfalls. It is considered as one of the best waterfalls in Bali.
  • Also you can enjoy the hotsprings in Banjar.
  • If you enjoy watching fights then cockfights is one of activity that will surely entertain you the most.
  • Do you love fishing? Then Lovina is the perfect place for you to be in. It has the best fishing areas where you can do as much of fishing.
  • Now if you got bored of the beach scenes then you can get into the town. There you will get to see the traditions of Bali. Singaraja is the largest city in North Bali that has many things waiting to be explored by you.
  • Lovina also have a golf course which is one of the best 50 golf courses around the world.
  • Lovina is the home to beautiful waterfalls in the world. You have to visit every one of them because every waterfall is breathtakingly awesome.
  • Lakes of Lovina are something that you cannot miss for sure. They are serene and peaceful. A perfect place for you to get relief from the stress from the usual life.
  • Lovina is a remarkable place to explore the rich and classic diversity of the Balinese. They have extra ordinary arts and culture that are worth watching.


So if you were wondering about what you can do in Lovina beach then I hope this might have helped you to sort the confusion. Lovina is an amazing place where you can enjoy lot of things in a single place. So book your tickets right now.

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