Things to know about Elephant beach

Things to know about Elephant beach

Things to know about Elephant beach – It is very important for people especially a travelers to know about a certain place where they are about to visit. Elephant beach is in the Havelock Island at Andaman and Nicobar. This is a very beautiful and peaceful beach that you really need to visit. Here we will discuss about the things to know about Elephant beach.

Things to know about Elephant beach

If you are looking for a place or beach to relax and lower your stress then there is no other better place than Elephant beach. You can enjoy this beach with both your friends and family.

Interesting facts about Elephant beach

This is one of the very famous beaches in the Havelock Island but this is not the only interesting thing about this beach. Below discussed are the engaging facts about the Elephant beach.

  • Elephant beach is the second most famous attraction in the Havelock Island that attracts thousands of tourists on a regular basis.
  • Not only this but turquoise colored water, white sand, mangrove forests are some other reasons to name for that also draws the attention of many people.
  • Elephant beach offers some exotic views that you should not miss at any cost.
  • This beach is majorly famous its water sports and adventure. If you want to try water sports then this is the best place to try it with the professional and skilled employees.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular water sports that tourists love to try here. And the most amazing thing that they are at affordable rates so that anyone can enjoy the sports here.
  • Next interesting thing is reaching to this beach. You can either take a 1 hour travel through boat to reach there or simply a trek through the mangrove forests that will take 30 minutes according to your walking speed.
  • You will surely get tired through the trek but the views of Elephant beach will relieve the pain and tiredness.
  • Your trip would be considered incomplete without visiting this beautiful island with clear water and white sand.
  • There is no one who will not like being in the beach. It can be enjoyed with friends and family.
  • Despite of being the most crowded beach it manages to be clean and also no one is allowed to throw garbage or make it look bad.
  • Best time to visit this beach is in the spring i.e. between October and may.
  • There is no specific timing to visit this beach. You can visit here anytime.

Other facts to know about Elephant beach

Below mentioned are some other facts that you need to know before you plan to visit to go to Elephant beach.

  • No one is allowed to stay in the beach after 4 pm.
  • There are lives guards present to save any person in danger.
  • During the off season you can only reach to the beach through trek.
  • There are many vendors also present from which you can buy some stuff or souvenir.


So if you were planning to visit the Elephant beach then I hope this might have helped you to know a little more about the place. It is always better to know the details about the place before visiting. So now that you know about it so go ahead and book your tickets to this exotic place.

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