Things to know about cellular jail

Things to about cellular jail

Things to know about cellular jail – It has been a very long time since anyone has been imprisoned in the jail but the earlier cries of patriots still make a chill in our nerves. Now people see it as a historical monument but for patriots it was no less than hell. Apart from this, cellular jail is located in the very beautiful place of Andaman. Here we will discuss the things to know about cellular jail.

Things to about cellular jail

This prison was used to punish the criminals especially Indian freedom fighters. Due to its link with the history and the scenic views around it draws the attention of a lot of tourists. So if you are still not intrigued with this place the facts about it will surely make you to visit soon.

Interesting facts about Cellular jail

This is the place where anyone will develop patriotism instantly. Andaman is known for its famous historical monument but this isn’t the only thing. Below mentioned are some of the interesting facts about cellular jail.

  • This jail was constructed and built by the britishers on Andaman island from 1896 – 1906 to torture and punish the criminals and that include mostly the Indian freedom fighters.
  • This jail is also known as kala pani. Kala means black and pani is water.
  • The bricks which were used to this building were brought from Burma now popularly known as Myanmar. Before this the island was used as a prison without the building.
  • Cellular jail has 7 wings, 3 stories with no dormitories. It also includes a central tower which was used by guards to keep a check on prisoners. This jail consists of many cells that is why it was named as cellular jail.
  • 2 of the wings were under the Japanese but britishers took over it after the world war 2.
  • The main purpose or aim of the jail was to isolate the person from the outside world and to cut off any contacts from friends or family.
  • Batukeshwar dutt, Diwan singh kalpeni, Fazl- e – haq are the few names that suffered the tortures and pain given by the brutal britishers. You can also see their portraits in the jail that will definitely arise the Indian in you.
  • The food which was given to the prisoners include worm filled bread, boiled wild grass. Rain water with insects was given as a drinking water to the prisoners.
  • Toilets were not there. They have to go through some serious torture on a daily basis.
  • There is no record of total how many freedom fighters went to this jail and what happened to them.
  • People who were prisoners in this jail were made to run oil mills and those who failed to do it were the victims of torture and excruciating pain.
  • The dead bodies of the prisoners were just thrown away into the water without performing the rituals.
  • Diwan singh, Director of health independence actually stood for the inhuman activities but unfortunately he also became the victim of torture and also he was sent to jail for 82 days.
  • Prisoners were not even allowed to communicate with each other. The cells were totally closed and were in a row.
  • The ancient tribes have been resettles that used to live on the Andaman islands.


These facts have surely gave you chills and made you curious to visit there and see these vis – a vis. Andaman is a beautiful place with place with beautiful and cool beaches. On the other hand it has places like Cellular jail too which makes you walk down the memory lane.

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